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The expected move link: Even present on file-description pages for users who can't move files thanks to this gadget
Pop-up: the parameter setting window of the script after clicking the Move link.

The RenameLink is a gadget to add a link “Move” to file pages' action menus (which are currently located in a dropdown next to the search box when using the default skin). It can be used to easily request renaming of a file. The link appears for logged-in users who do not themselves have file-moving privileges (= aren't filemovers or administrators).


Why a script/link? Most Wikipedia users and especially newcomers don't know how to rename files on Commons. They often ask on Helpdesk or Administrators' noticeboard.

This gadget offers a simple interface for adding {{Rename}} to the file description page. It doesn't slow down (notably) loading of file pages since the heavy code is loaded only on clicking the link. It was added to the gadget's definitions after some Village Pump announcements.

The gadget will check for potential problems before adding the template.

Switching off

The gadget is enabled by default for all logged-in users but can be easily disabled in the user's settings by one click (remove the checkmark ☑ in front of “RenameLink”) if someone does not like it or does not need it.

How to become a filemover

Rights are given on Commons, if you can show that you need them and that you understood our policy. Therefore, most administrators will expect at least about 500 contributions to Commons, no complaints about unjustified rename requests issued by you, and a huge amount of justified rename requests.

After digging the archives, to see what is required, you can request the right on Commons:Requests for rights.



Some pre-existing code/icons are used. We thank their authors for creating and sharing!

Contact developer(s)/maintainer(s)

  • For the request link and the user interface: Rillke
  • For technical problems moving files, or editing pages: phabricator, the Wikimedia bug tracker